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Admission Application Fee | eTranzact Invoice Page


1. Generate below an eTranzact invoice 'payee_id' for your application.
2. Proceed to any bank with eTranzact platform to pay the application fee (plus #300.00 transaction charge).
3. After payment, the bank will give you a confirmation PIN.
4. Return to this admission portal and use the confirmation PIN to access and fill your application form online.
5. After payment and confirmation, click 'Application Form' on the Homepage to fill application form

* If you want to confirm your payment, Click here 
* If you want to check your Payee_ID, Click here 
* If you want to generate your Payee_ID, fill the form below

Issue Date 2019-06-17 10:25:58 | Status Pending
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Application Fee should be displayed automatically when you select an option from 'Admission Type' above.
If it is not displayed automatically, please use another browser for this process.